Get Inspired by Nature

Transitions is gone, but you can still be inspired by Robert Creamer's work! Piedmont Arts staff held two workshops during the Transitions exhibit, which offered kids the chance to create their own scanner photographs a la Mr. Creamer. Got a computer? Got a scanner? Then, follow these easy steps to help your kids create thier own masterpieces:

1. Set up computer and scanner in a room that can be easily darkened. If such a room is unavailable, use a large box to cover the scanner while in use.

2. Collect flowers and leaves from your yard or garden and place them near your scanner. Make sure to look for interesting shapes, colors and sizes.

2. Remove scanner lid. This will make arranging your flowers easier and prevents the lid from crushing the flowers during scanning.

3. Arrange flowers on scanner bed face–down. Remember, the scanner will photograph the underside of your arrangement. Not the side you see!

4. Press scan. Remember to use a box to cover the scanner, if needed. But, don't smash your flowers!

5. Use your scanner software to review your image. If you don't like your results, rearrange your flowers accordingly. You can even use photo–editing software to change the look of your scanner photograph.

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