Watercolor Class Makes a Splash at Piedmont Arts

National Watercolor Society Instructor Jane Iten led a class in beginning watercolor techniques at Piedmont Arts this October that taught students the basics of the art form.

Six students participated in Iten's four-week class, which covered lessons on the tools needed to begin painting, how to set up a workspace and the many ways one can apply paint to watercolor paper to achieve different results. Students also practiced controlling the application of paint to make soft or hard edges and glazing – the application of one color over another to make a third color.
"This class was a lot of fun for a many reasons," said Iten. "I could not have asked for a better group to work with. They worked hard to learn something new and they shared ideas with each other. It was also nice to have a small number of students so I could get around to help on an individual basis."

Annelle Williams, a student is Iten's class said she couldn't resist the chance to learn Iten's techniques. "Jane is such a talented artist. When I saw that she was teaching a beginner watercolor class I couldn't resist the opportunity. She packed so much information into our lessons and we absorbed it like thirsty brushes. Jane gave us the best beginning foundation, but she also shared advanced techniques (even a secret or two) that I'm sure we'll all be happy to retrieve as we continue to practice. Our 'homework' is to practice and have fun with what we've learned. I bet there will be six new plain air creations featuring local fall colors and blue skies before the week is over! Learning from Jane, even at the beginner level, is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable things I've ever done."

Piedmont Arts offers many classes throughout the year, but Iten's marked the first watercolor class the museum has hosted for several years. Regional artist Ed Gowen hosts oil painting workshops at the museum on a monthly basis, teaching students the popular Bob Ross style of painting. Based on the positive response to Iten's class, Piedmont Arts plans to offer more watercolor classes in the near future. 

Click here for a list of upcoming classes.


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