Piedmont Arts to Discontinue Operation of Studio 107

Studio 107 in Uptown Martinsville
The Piedmont Arts Board of Directors voted on April 15 to discontinue its operation of Studio 107 Artist Studios for Piedmont Arts due to economic circumstances, effective July 31, 2015.

“This was a difficult decision for Piedmont Arts, but it is no longer financially viable for the museum to sustain Studio 107,” said Piedmont Arts Executive Director Kathy Rogers. “We remain committed to serving the arts community in Martinsville-Henry County and it is our hope that the artists who currently call Studio 107 home will look at other possibilities for keeping the studio open.”

The continued revenue to expense deficit incurred by Piedmont Arts, along with the results of a recent study designed to gauge the continued viability of Studio 107 and Patrick Henry Community College's The Artisan Center, were key factors in the board's decision to discontinue its operation of Studio 107.

Prior to seeking artist and community feedback through the study, several options were considered to make the operation of the studio viable, including a rent increase and co-locating with The Artisan Center, but study results indicated that an increase in rent would be a strain on artists and that the artists currently renting space at Studio 107 did not see value in co-locating with The Artisan Center, as they feel the studio is in an ideal location with regard to visibility, regular customer traffic, and parking.

“Studio 107 was started by Piedmont Arts with the intent that it would be self-sustaining, but this has not been the case, with the museum currently carrying a deficit of approximately $5,000 from the operation of the studio,” said Board President Joan Montgomery. “We would love to see the artists explore an artist-run business model for the studio and, if it is their desire, we will offer any assistance we can to help them achieve this between now and July 31.”

Rogers reiterated that Piedmont Arts hopes to help the artists create a viable and vibrant space that can continue to contribute to the artistic vitality of Uptown.


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