Pokémon Go - Catch 'Em All at Piedmont Arts

Pokémon Go
Catch 'Em All at Piedmont Arts

If you play Pokémon Go, the newly-released augmented-reality app for your smartphone, then you may see some new faces on your next visit to Piedmont Arts. 
The museum is a PokéStop – a place where players can find Pokémon, collect Poké Balls and other items related to the app.
Via the app's press release, players are actively encouraged to visit cultural sites in their area:
“Explore cities and towns around where you live and even around the globe to capture as many Pokémon as you can. Also look for PokéStops located at interesting places, such as public art installations, historical markers, and monuments, where you can collect more Poké Balls and other items.”

Piedmont Arts welcomes Pokémon Go players!

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